Trace Your Seafood from Boat to Restaurant

At Guy Harvey RumFish Grill, serving the freshest fish possible is one of our top priorities. For us, it’s important that our patrons know exactly what they are eating. As our Executive Chef Justin Harry explained in a recent interview with WTSP 10 News in Tampa Bay, “People really do care what they’re ingesting… what they’re putting in their bodies and now we can find out where it’s from rest assured that it’s clean.”

Executive Chef Justin Harry smiles as he explains how this delicious Seafood Brochette was prepared utilizing fish from the Gulf Wild program.

So how do we show our seafood lovers where the fish they’re eating came from? We fully utilize the Gulf Wild program. The Mission of Gulf Wild, is to engage and empower the BRANDING of seafood sustainability and fishery conservation in the Gulf of Mexico by inspiring positive change from the fishermen to the end consumer.

Aaron Radman, our seafood restaurant manager, explained that it starts with a unique tag number that is attached to each fish caught by fisherman in the Gulf Wild program. Using a tracking number, customers can look up where their Red Snapper, Gulf Red Grouper, or Tilefish came from. Diners can use their own smartphone or request to utilize one of our restaurant’s iPads to type in the tracking number while the fish is being prepared.

“You type in the tag and our zip code and after you do that, you got the fisherman, you have the name of the boat and then further down you have the coordinate area of where that fish was caught,” said Radman.

Another wonderful benefit to utilizing Gulf Wild is that all fish caught through the program are tested beyond federal regulations before ever reaching a customer’s plate. Each fish are tested for heavy metals and toxins to ensure that each one we serve is safe and of the best quality possible.

The next time you visit Guy Harvey RumFish Grill, give it a try! Be sure to request the Gulf Wild tag from your server when you order any of the program’s designated fresh fish from the menu.