A Hard Hat Tour of RumFish Grill

Today we invited the local media to join us for a Hard Hat Tour of our progress being made at Guy Harvey’s RumFish Grill and Bar. The tour of our space also included a detailed overview of the restaurant’s vision as described by the President of Tradewinds Island Resorts, Keith Overton. In addition, the media had the opportunity to interview major personalities that have been an enormous part of RumFish Grill’s design including Dr. Guy Harvey, and Wayde King and Brett Raymer from Animal Planet’s hit television show, Tanked.

Guy Harvey and the guys from Tanked have collaborated to create the restaurant’s main attraction, a 33,500 gallon aquarium that will feature fish indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico. “The main viewing window in the dining room is 30 feet wide by 10 feet high,” Keith Overton told tour attendees. “There will be approximately 80 fish in there and 25 species of fish from sharks to redfish to grouper to snook — all Tampa Bay Gulf of Mexico fish.”

One end of the tank is shallow, creating room for a viewing cove underneath the aquarium. “Fish will swim above and also you can get a long perpendicular view of what’s inside the tank,” Overton said. There will also be two additional tanks in the restaurant; one on the north end of the dining room used for smaller fish and one in the restaurant’s bar area. The tank in the bar will feature Lionfish, which are NOT indigenous to the gulf and their eradication have become a main focus for Guy Harvey’s Ocean Foundation.

Guy Harvey, Wayde King and Brett Raymer have enjoyed working together on such an amazing project that’s so much more than just another fish tank. This will truly be a showcase that supports Guy Harvey’s vision for ocean conservation and education. Harvey’s murals will cover many of the walls, plus fun and informational pieces about the fish living in each of the three tanks.

This was the first glimpse of what’s to come and we’re so excited to continue to keep the community up-to-date on our progress leading up to our grand reveal on Tanked, scheduled to air on Friday, May 16th at 10:00 p.m. EST. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the inside scoop and photos.

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Photo credits: Tampa Bay Business Journal